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mandag den 31. december 2012

See the posts from Versailles castle at:

mandag den 22. oktober 2012

NEWS from Salon Tokyo 2013

Follow the link and see the latest NEWS and pictures from Salon Tokyo 2013.... 

lørdag den 20. oktober 2012

NEWS from Salon 2013 - special guest tour in Tokyo

Cathy Conner (USA) and I (DK) accepted the invitation from Salon 2013 host Yaeko Kurimata to come and help promote Salon 2013

Main purpose was to let people know about decorative paint and Salon Tokyo 2013

Yeako and me in front of the convention center at the IFFT
(Cathy is taking the picture) 

A painters magazine was very happy to do an interview with Yeako, Cathy and me about Salon Tokyo

The booth was very impressive and professional - a lot of effort was put into it to promote Salon Tokyo and the work of decorative painting, which is new in Japan

Cathy and I demonstrated in front of a very dazzled audience 
A lot of ooooohhhhh & savoooyyy comments 

 Yaeko had a lot of meetings with interior designers, clients and business partners 
Rust-Olium & Turner Colour Works came by the booth for example 

 The Japanese Faux Arts Design employees were very kind and helpful. Saki has been living in America and was translating whenever we needed assistance. Though I met some Japanese people who spoke understandable english everyone was kind despite the differences in culture and language

Japanese people are very polite and I never knew if I was talking to an important businessman or interior designer. Yaeko introduced Cathy and me to her network - very successful people with a lot of influence - everybody was interested in our work and our culture   

 Cathy demonstrated woodgraining

 Many people stopped to follow the process - this is very new and special in Japan. 

 The booth was so inspiring and showed a lot of hand painted surfaces

I answered many questions and explained about Faux Arts Design, Salon 2013 & Yaeko 

Woodgraining and marbling are new techniques in Japan attracting many people with interesting questions and opportunities...Cathy and I were invited to Shanghai to give a class. 

Stencils on fabrics drew much attention

I was able to attend a meeting with a businessman who gave me advice about my designs and work.
I'm considering exporting to Japan

Another company, owner of decorations came by to see the "new" techniques of woodgraining and marbling

He was very impressed and really wanted to learn - even though we didn't understand each other we communicated perfectly with hand signs and face expressions - and help from Yaekos employees

When the convention closed down we all sat and talked about the day. It was very organized and coordinated. I am still impressed!

mandag den 8. oktober 2012

Restaurering af trappegang i Mejlborg Århus
Marmorering og ådring
Se mere på 

tirsdag den 4. september 2012

mandag den 27. august 2012

onsdag den 25. juli 2012

For the love of Venice and the love of marble mosaic floor design

This is craftsmanship and good design!

Enjoy - and thank you for visiting my blog.
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